Брадясала британка влезе в рекордите на Гинес

24-годишната британка Харнаам Каур, вече притежава удостоверение за световен рекорд. Тя е най-младата жена в света с толкова гъста, естествена брада.

Харнаам има синдром на поликистозните яйчници, хормонално състояние, което може да доведе до голямо окосмяване по лицето. Това я поставя на прицела на множество подигравки в тинейджърските години.

I have such a love hate relationship with my beard! She has actually fucked my life up so bad, I can't even tell you ! She's fucked up chances to get into a relationship! She stopped me from having a social life! People distanced themselves from me! I had issues with my family because of the change in my appearance! My education suffered! I have been bullied to the point of self harm and suicide! I have received uncountable amounts of death threats! I suffered years of social anxiety and depression. …..but having her has been so rewarding too! I wouldn't change her for the world! My tough times are fucking hard! I die everyday just to survive! Waking up everyday is a huge blessing! I'm surprised I haven't been killed yet! I'm surprised I haven't been shot or stabbed yet! Being different isn't a blessing, yes it's amazing, but the shit you have to go through just to live will either make you or break you! Each and everyday that you survive will make you stronger, it will make you resilient. Sure, you will have down days just as I do! I cry every single day just to release tension (I'd rather do it by sex by heyy we can't have everything haha😈🙈) Cry,rejuvenate, let the emotions go and stand up stronger than before! Personal growth, self growth is key!! I promise 💯🙏🏽🌺🌺 #harnaamkaur #bodyconfidenceactivist #antibullyingactivist #thebeardeddame

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За BBC NEWS, жената разказва как е трябвало да бръсне брадата си два пъти седмично, дори да я избелва.

Не за първи път успява да прикове вниманието на медиите. През месец март, Харнаам стана първата жена с брада, която е дефилирала на седмицата на модата в Лондон. Тогава на подиума представя дизайнерски бижута.

Walking past my haters like……💃🏽💃🏽✌🏾️✌🏾💪🏾💪🏾👌🏾👌🏾💯💯😎😎 I dedicate this post to my bullies! Thank you all! Warning: Content below is personal and may be emotionally triggering for some readers! Always seek help if you or someone you know is going through any kind of abuse! I remember being laughed at everyday in school by many people from all year groups! Everyday in school was dooms day for me! I remember crying my eyes out in the toilets wishing the torment would stop! No one helped! I remember the teachers listening to my ordeals, they promised a lot but delivered so little! I remember sitting in the quiet rooms looking down at my bloodied arms and crying my eyes out! People would walk by, look through the door window an carrying on with their day! Thank you for not coming in to lend a helping hand! I remember sitting in the Library and writing suicide notes, which I printed out with the hope that someone would read it. Someone did and the bitches laughed! Cry for help? I think so! I remember walking by tables and the teenagers sitting at the tables would stab me with their pens! I remember showing the teachers my open wounds! Thank you for not helping! I remember tying to overdose on painkillers in the girls toilets, and then vomiting them out! I was in a lot of pain! The of course I told the teachers! Did they help? NO!!! I remember beating beaten, touched in uncomfortable places and being made to feel embarrassed in front of the class! I remember being cornered, the school footballers would then take a few footballs and boot them at me with all their strength! I was so scared, and I would cry out in pain! Of course my cries would've been heard! But did anyone help? NO!! I remember not attending trips as i was scared of being bullied by students from other school! It has happened the few times I attended school trips! I remember my books,pens and pencil cases being thrown out of the window on the second floor during the first day of school! I thank my bullies for throwing me to the ground which allowed me to stand up taller and stronger! When someone has been beaten down, the only way is up!This is me walking past my haters

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